Not an Essay Post, or an Excuse Post, Merely a ‘This is Interesting and I Wanted to Share’ post

I am a huge Hayao Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli fan.  I especially love the soundtracks of those movies, especially the piano.  Apparently they’ve been re-imagined into heavy metal versions.

Album trailer:

And here’s one of the songs in its entirety (from Laputa: Castle in the Sky):

I’ve listened to some of the songs and so far actually kind of like them.  This is coming from someone who is not, nor has ever, been a fan of heavy metal.  Here is a review of the album, which gives a bit more info than I’ve said here.

The real test is whether I still like the album after I’ve listened to it 20+ times.

Also: essay 5 should be up some time this weekend.


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