A decidedly unmusical person on music

A couple weekends ago I woke up early to go garage sale-ing.  As always on such mornings, I grabbed my bike, donned a cardigan, put my wallet in my bike basket and away I went*.

I also wore a helmet, so I wouldn't end up like this dummy.

It was a beautiful sunny morning if a bit chilly.  A morning made even better when I found a lovely “vintage” leather briefcase for $2, something I’d wanted for awhile but had not yet found one for the right price**.  As I was gliding down a hill, almost home, this song started playing on my iPod.

It just seemed to fit.  The weather, the day, my mood, even its name ‘Morning Call’.  It felt like I was in a movie, in that scene where the hero/heroine is jauntily strolling down the street to the rhythm of equally upbeat music.

Then my iPod fell out of my pocket and skidded down the road.  (My iPod is ok, *phew*.  Just a little scratched).

‘Morning Call’ is just one of several Korean indie songs*** that I have recently discovered.  My absolute favorite is this one by a band called Standing Egg:

I love how the vocals in these songs are so soft, yet they still somehow manage to be bouncy.  I love the use of whistling as an instrument; unconventional instrumentation makes me happy.  I’m also a huge fan of the ukulele, which, oddly enough, neither of the above songs make use of.  But this number from the main singer of Standing Egg (Solo name: Clover) really lets the ukulele shine:

(Incidentally, I am currently learning to play the ukulele because of how much I like it)

I’m not sure really what else to say.  I could tell you how I wasn’t interested in listening to music until I was 16, and it wasn’t until I was 18 that I listened to music not suggested to me by my brother.  I could also tell you that I’ve never been to a music concert, unless you count coffeehouse-type shindigs.  I’m still woefully uninformed when it comes to most popular music, and unpopular music, and pretty much anything else that isn’t on my iPod (a grand total of 411 songs).  But I really don’t care.  I’m happy with what I have, and occasionally the internet or iTunes introduces me to someone/thing new so I’m always entertained.

*Holy crap.  I sound very hipster-y here.
**Somebody save me, I’m morphing into a hipster.
***Not as random an interest as it sounds.  Here’s the progression of how I became interested in it:

Read Mangas online, watch anime online —-> read forums, realize that such a thing as ‘dramas’ exist which are (in the case of J-dramas) live-action animes—> watch some J-dramas —> discovery of Korean Dramas —> discovery of blogs about K-dramas —> discovery of K-pop and other Korean musicians


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