An Adult Kiss

The joys of kissing, from an anime called Kemonozume.

How ’bout that ending eh?

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And another thing…

Hello my few and far between readers. Boatload of posts comin’ at ya tomorrow (at least 2, hopefully 4). Until then, enjoy the trailer for what looks to be a delightfully creepy movie.

Did you notice? DAN RADCLIFFE Y’ALL. Not only is he in a movie other than HP, it’s one I would want to see with or without him. Now my desire to see this movie is multiplied by infinity times infinity squared.

Some things I found.

What I find most intriguing about this is that some authors I like trace back to authors/thinkers I’m not so fond of.

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And this is fun because it’s Harry-freakin’-Potter! plus “The Son of Man.” Also, it may someday be a threadless shirt.

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(P.S. Go vote for the shirt!)

Not an Essay Post, or an Excuse Post, Merely a ‘This is Interesting and I Wanted to Share’ post

I am a huge Hayao Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli fan.  I especially love the soundtracks of those movies, especially the piano.  Apparently they’ve been re-imagined into heavy metal versions.

Album trailer:

And here’s one of the songs in its entirety (from Laputa: Castle in the Sky):

I’ve listened to some of the songs and so far actually kind of like them.  This is coming from someone who is not, nor has ever, been a fan of heavy metal.  Here is a review of the album, which gives a bit more info than I’ve said here.

The real test is whether I still like the album after I’ve listened to it 20+ times.

Also: essay 5 should be up some time this weekend.